Department of social & development Studies

Explore how human interactions are influenced by individual, collective, and structural forces such as mental health, social relationships, economic conditions, education and politics, and movements for social justice and social change. The common goal of those who study Social Development Studies is to help people, communities, and nations flourish.

This department offers competitive programmes that enable students to fit in career opportunities highlighted below:

  1. Business consultants
  2. Community development officers
  3. Diplomats
  4. Economic development advisors /officers
  5. Economic policy analysts
  6. Eco-tourism guide/agents
  7. Foreign services officers
  8. Government relations advisors
  9. Immigration officers
  10. International communications experts
  11. International policy analyst
  12. International youth worker
  13. Markets researchers
  14. Peace and Human right activists
  15. Policy/political risk analyst
  16. Program analysts
  17. Project coordinators
  18. Research assistant /researchers
  19. Teacher/professors
  20. Volunteer co-coordinator/recruiters
  21. International policy analysts
  22. International youth workers
  23. Market researchers
  24. Peace/human rights activists
  25. Policy/political risk analysts
  26. Programme analysts
  27. Project coordinators
  28. Research assistant/researchers
  29. Teacher/lecturers
  30. Volunteer Coordinator/Recruiters

We offer the following programmes

  1. PhD in Development Studies (Thesis Only)
  2. PhD in Sociology (Thesis Only)
  3. Master of Arts in Development Studies
  4. Master of  Arts in Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. Master of Arts in Sociology
  6. Postgraduate diploma in monitoring and  evaluation
  7. Bachelor of Social work  and administration
  8. Bachelor of Arts in development studies
  9. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
  10. Diploma in Community Development and  Social Work
  11. Certificate in Community development and social work