Prof. Kennedy Mutundu

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Departmental Research and Linkages Coordinator

Programme Leader – Master of Development Studies and PhD Development Studies


  1. PhD in Anthropology (Washington University)
  2. Master of Arts in Anthropology (Washington University and University of Nairobi

Research/Academic and Professional Interests

Environmental Anthropology Subsistence Transformations in ASALs, Natural Resource Use Conflicts, Qualitative Research Methods


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Conferences and Professional Engagements

  1. 2018: with Prof. Pamela Ochieng’: An Evaluation of the Virtual Learning Platform for Postgraduate Studies: Challenges, Lessons and Prospects in a Changing Education Landscape in Kenya. 5th International Interdisciplinary Conference. Thika, Kenya
  2. 2018: with Dr. Mary N. Mugwe. Philosophical and Pedagogical Contestations in the Teaching of Evolutionary Theory in a Kenyan Educational Setting. Christian & Scientific Association of Kenya International Conference. Naivasha, Kenya
  3. 2017: Water Resources Conflicts on the Laikipia Plateau. International Multidisciplinary Disciplinary Conference. Nairobi, Kenya
  4. 2014: Education and Partnerships for Sustainable Development in Marginal Environments.  National Water Summit. Turkana Kenya
  5. 2012:  Mobility and Interactions in Hunter-gatherer Subsistence Transformations: Ethnohistoric Analogues among the Mukogodo in East Africa. Society of Africanists Archaeologists Conference, Toronto, Canada.
  6. 2004: Excavations at Ol Ngoroi in Context. Society of Africanist Archaeologists Biennial Conference, Bergen, Norway.
  7. 2003: Ethnohistoric Archaeology and the adoption of Pastoralismamong the Mukogodo of Kenya. Invited colloquium at Harvard University and the African Studies Association 43rd Annual Meeting. Boston.
  8. 1999.  From hunters to farmers: specialized foraging among the historic Mukogodo of Kenya. Invited colloquium at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
  9. 1998 with Fiona B. Marshall: The role of zooarchaeological interpretation: a survey of the African literature from later archaeological periods, ca 20,000BP to the present. International Congress of the International Council for Zooarchaeology, Victoria, Canada